When faced with difficult situation, do not react to it, respond! Our brain is wired to automatically REACT emotionally to stressful situation, but it doesn’t mean that a quick and emotional reaction is the best answer. In most cases it is better to think about your reaction before acting. To apply this principle it is important to understand the main parts of brain and their responsibility. This principle is a product of a high Emotional Intelligence Index.

React vs Responding

  • When you hear something you disagree:
    • Reacting - you negate it (either verbally or with your body language)
    • Responding - you think about the reasons that the other person has to say that
  • When something unexpected happens:
    • Reacting - you get stressed and your emotions take control of you
    • Responding - you breath, consider your options and control you emotions
  • When a tragedy happens:
    • Reacting - You gave up
    • Responding - You look for lessons you can learn


  • When your boss says something you disagree
  • When you have to correct your kid
  • When having a hard conversation