Do you want to learn how to be more effective with vim? Here are the things that worked for me:

Note, I don’t consider myself a Vim Ninja yet. But I know enough to use vim as my main editor since 2011.


If you don’t use Vim yet, or you just got started with Vim then vimtutor is your best friend. At least once a week open a terminal and type: vimtutor and follow the instructions. Repeat this process until you develop muscle memory for the basic commands.


Talking about muscle memory, I believe that shortcufoo is a good resource to build muscle memory. With simple exercises it helps you develop the muscle memory, so you don’t have to think about the key to move line up or down. You just do it.


Print and keep a cheat sheet visible close to you. This helps a lot. Instead of googling a shortcut you just have to take a quick look at the cheat sheet.


Once you got the basics, vimcast is the place for you do rump up your knowledge. The videos are short enough for you to watch on any place. It is a great way to see the power of some plugins before trying it.

Setup your on .vimrc

At this stage, you should be able to install plugins and customise your .vimrc. If you need inspiration here is my .vimrc file.

Learn vim the hard way

LVTHW is the ultimate place to master vim. But as the name implies, it is the hard way.

Pair programming

One extra thing. I learned heaps while pairing with other people who also used vim. If you know someone who is good with vim, I highly recommend you to pair with that person.